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IMO Ballast Water Standards

Image of IMO Ballast Water Standards26 abr 2018

The recently enforced International Convention of the Control and Management of Ships Ballast Water and Sediments requires that an approved water treatment system is fitted to ships to minimise the update of organisms and to remove sediments and unnecessary discharge. In addition, ships are required to carry a ballast water management plan and to record and report on ballast exchanges.

The installation of a modern tank level gauging systems can help cut costs by continuous measurement of ballast water levels to ensure that the treatment is run for only as long as required. In addition, they provide accurate data in real time to inform ship systems to comply with new recording and reporting standards, which require vessels to hold data in a ballast water record book.

The new legislation presents an opportunity to upgrade to the latest digital tank gauging systems. Although ballast water management systems now being fitted to new ships may incorporate tank gauging equipment, up to 40,000 existing ships could be affected and require an upgrade of their ballast water management and tank level gauging equipment.

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