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Launching our Redeveloped VPM

Image of Launching our Redeveloped VPM 28 ago 2018

The VPM 4310 is a cost-effective and highly accurate option for marine tank level measurement, providing electronic measurement and a centralised display with alarm handling. Each system is delivered configured to suit the application, based on the number, size and type of tanks to be measured. Installation is simple with all ICT tank level transmitters being connected via a single multi-drop cable making it especially suitable for retrofit applications. It is also possible to link two VPM displays, each with their own directly connected sensors, which can then share data, enabling all tanks to be displayed at both locations.

The newly upgraded VPM package can also be used as a local monitor and hub for larger systems, where it will monitor and display all local tanks, and then provide a composite output of the status of all tanks for serial transmission to the vessel’s central monitoring and control system.

We believe that our new VPM package offers a highly effective tank gauging system, which also provides full protection for hazardous area applications.

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